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EMRE believes that Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors have a significant impact on investment performance, and as such are considered when evaluating and managing real estate assets. EMRE is committed to creating a balance between the needs of the shareholders, the community and the environment; ensuring always that the real-estate assets are environmentally sensitive, economically viable and socially just.




EMRE is committed to accelerating the development and adoption of best green building practice; ensuring that our buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. As EMRE, we believe that the implementation of practical, cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable initiatives in all our investment opportunities best serve the interests of our clients through the potential increase in value of the assets.


CEO Mike Rodel serves as Chairman of The Sustainable Seas Trust, a non-governmental organisation. SST is responsible for the role out of the African Marine Waste Network, with sponsorship from the United Nations and government of Norway, focused on the development and implementation of best practice across the continent to control marine pollution, with a primary focus on the scourge of plastic waste.



EMRE has initiated social initiatives intended to uplift the local communities in the catchments serviced by EMRE shopping Centres. EMRE developments are intentionally aimed at generating employment opportunities within the local community. As part of our ethos, we are unwaveringly committed to the creation of employment opportunities during and post the construction phase. Prior to the opening of the centre an on-site SKILLS VILLAGE will train members of the local community in retail skills in order to pre-qualify them for employment by the retailers taking up space in the centre.  

EMRE is a proud sponsor of the roll-out of satellite Science-Centres in each of our Centres - These edutainment facilities are intended to excite, inspire and motivate learners about Science, Technology & Mathematics. The interest in STEM (Science, Technology & Mathematics) subjects amongst learners in the community is intended to encourage the pursuit of careers founded on Science, Technology & Mathematics -  A crucial contribution to the growth of the national economy.



EMRE manages its business in accordance with the requirements of King IV.  The company’s Compliance Manual has been implemented by Independent Compliant Services, who are contracted as EMRE’s Compliance Officer.  This has been developed to further EMRE’s commitment to follow best practises and market standards in areas of accountability, transparency and business ethics.

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